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Welcare Pharmacy & Surgical offers a wide variety of Wheelchairs. We have both manual and power wheelchairs for our clients to choose from. Moreover, our wheelchairs come in different styles, sizes, and brands so our customers can choose one that most suits their style, needs, and tastes. Rest assured, all of our wheelchairs are durable and safe for usage.

Choosing The Right Wheelchair For You

At Welcare Pharmacy & Surgical, we offer these tips and suggestions when you are choosing a wheelchair. Whether you are buying one for yourself or for someone else, please take note of these considerations first:

• Types of Wheelchairs

There are many kinds of wheelchairs out in the market, and it is important that you choose the type that’s right for you. Here are some of the common types of wheelchairs available:

Standard Wheelchair. This is the most basic wheelchair. Standard wheelchairs are collapsible, thus, making them easier to store. It has two small wheels in the front and two in the back – these large wheels allow a user to push themselves on their own.

Lightweight Wheelchair. Lightweight wheelchairs can weigh as little as 10lbs without the wheels. Due to its light weight, it is less stressful on the user’s shoulder joints, and it is easier to push as well. Lightweight wheelchairs are very portable – it comes with quick release wheels that allow the user to remove the large wheels, making it easier to store.

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs. Heavy Duty Wheelchairs have a greater size and weight capacity compared to standard wheelchairs. This larger size provides a lot of room and comfort for the user.

Sports Wheelchairs. Sports wheelchairs offer users with excellent maneuverability. With this wheelchair, users can continue to play different sports such as rugby, basketball, tennis, or some other activity that they want.

• Do you want maneuverability or stability? If the user still has good trunk control and is planning to continue playing sports, get a wheelchair that is easy to maneuver – one that has the ability to tip and has a tight turning radius. Active wheelchairs users have the tendency to tip their chairs into a wheelie. On the other hand, we can offer you with a stable wheelchair as well – one that has a lower center of gravity and has a broader support base. This stability feature is important especially for users who might accidentally move around a lot and could potentially tip over their chair.
• Physical ability. One consideration that you have to keep in mind is the user’s physical ability. Are they able to use a manual wheelchair? Are they more comfortable with a power wheelchair? Make sure to check it with the user first.
• Speak with a professional to get fitted properly. To ensure that you are able to get the right wheelchair, we highly suggest that you speak to your physician or physical therapist first. With their expertise, they can help you find the best setup when it comes to armrest pads, headrests, lateral supports, seat cushions, and etc. They make sure that the wheelchair you acquire is suitable for your condition. Alternatively, you can also speak to our staff at Welcare Pharmacy & Surgical. Our accommodating staff can help you find the most suitable wheelchair for your condition and needs.
• Check with your insurance. At Welcare Pharmacy & Surgical, we make sure that our products are cost-effective. However, wheelchairs, particularly power chairs, can be quite costly. This is why we highly suggest that you check with your insurance first before purchasing one. Typically, durable medical equipment (DME) are covered by most insurances like Medicaid and Medicare.

These are just some tips and considerations that we want you to remember. Now, if you are ready to get a wheelchair, please get in touch with us. Do you have a question? Please don’t think twice to call us at 718-599-7200 for assistance!

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  • happy family

    We will soon feature more testimonials on our website. Submit your reviews too and we will post it here! Contact us.

  • happy family

    We will soon feature more testimonials on our website. Submit your reviews too and we will post it here! Contact us.

  • happy family

    We will soon feature more testimonials on our website. Submit your reviews too and we will post it here! Contact us.

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